Once again, Administration has proven nonpareil in the pursuit of kicking the can down the road. They refuse to bring meaningful proposals to the bargaining table. In fact, Administration again brought no economics proposal to address the impasse. FUSA came prepared to bargain, with a proposal based on the salary study Dr. Atwater asked for and long-stalled bargaining over. They gave no formal response to the proposal other than they had “wait until the Governor signs the budget.”

Return of Nothing Burger

You may recall the last bargaining session, called by Administration before impasse, resulted in them offering a Nothing Burger proposal. Well some months, an overwhelming vote of No Confidence, an impasse ruling, and a board directive later, Admin has outdone themselves. Despite repeated assurances that he would abide by an independent salary study and the strong desire of the board to resolve the issues of the impasse in a timely fashion, Dr. Atwater sent his team in, this time offering a Nothing Burger Royale (hold the cheese), with even more nothing for your paychecks.

FUSA remains committed to finding a resolution to the impasse that can be taken to the May 24 Board of Trustees meeting. FUSA again requests a strong faculty showing at the meeting. For more details on the bargaining session, please see the FUSA FLASH email (5-3-23) from FUSA President Sherry Sippel.

eDues News

As you have likely heard, the eDues transition is well underway. FUSA members are signing up for the safe & secure eDues system. Once signed up, dues deduction in the new system will begin after July 1.

Recall that the legislature passed a bill that limits public sector employers from deducting dues from payroll. This is a union-busting tactic aimed at making it harder to pay your dues. Also in the bill is a new 60% membership threshold to ensure union certification with the state, a punitive act by the legislature and Governor and why we need all members to covert to eDues to save our union and our contract. For more information, see our eDues page and feel free to contact FUSA with any questions.


If you aren’t a member there is no better time to Join FUSA. You can join now and get free dues until August! New members also receive a $100 bonus to help with the first year’s dues. Dues are 1% of your base salary (does not include overloads, etc.).

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