It’s “fourth and inches” and we need a strong faculty showing to help us push this over the goal line. FUSA has heard from Administration. They are ready to the return the table with a proposal for economics. Come join FUSA as we work to resolve the impasse and to complete the 2022-2025 contract in time for the May 24th BOT meeting.

  • Bargaining is set for Tuesday, May 16, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m., Ybor Campus, YLRC 305. 

All faculty are encouraged to attend to show a united front!  (and if you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at the HCC faculty salary study.)


The eDues transition is progressing. Over 150 FUSA members have converted to eDues but we have more work to do. Recall that the governor has signed in to law SB 256 which prohibits employer deduction of union dues. It also mandates a minimum 60% threshold for union membership (more on this in the Legislative update below).

In order to save our union and our contract we need every member to convert to eDues. And we need to grow our membership. If you haven’t signed up you should have received a follow-up message in your work email. If you are looking to become a member, use the New Member Enrollment portal. See the following for more information:

Legislative Update

Mercifully, the 2023 Legislative session has concluded and it was not kind to educators in Florida. That said, the advocacy of UFF and FEA and members like you, managed to blunt some of the truly horrific provisions of some of these unnecessary and punitive bills targeting higher education and unions. Here are some updates and information from our parent chapters:

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