In response to legislation filed in the Florida Senate (SB 256), FUSA and our parent affiliates United Faculty of Florida (UFF) and Florida Education Association (FEA) are embarking on one the largest organizing campaigns in our history. Every chapter will need to transition current members to E-dues (direct pay) and recruit new members to reach and ensure 60% membership.

The Problem:

First announced by the Governor and now taken up by the Florida Senate, SB 256 is simply put a union-busting bill and a blatant attack on educators. This bill, if passed will:

  • prohibit employer deduction of union dues.
  • require a minimum membership threshold of 60%, meaning any union falling below this percentage is automatically decertified.
  • prohibit distribution of any union literature at worksites

For more details, read FEA’s information and action page, SB 256 – Limiting Educators’ Freedoms.

What’s at stake

Should this legislation become law, it will be vitally important we transition every member to the e-dues direct pay system and grow our membership density. Consider for a moment what we stand to lose:

  • Our union & collective bargaining agreement, which protects:
    • our right to negotiate salary & working conditions
    • academic freedom, a fair grievance process, Tenure, rank, sabbatical,
    • overload, Office hours, total days worked, days on campus much, much more!

The Solution:

We want to build a union movement and education movement. In order to do that we need to protect our union and transition to e-dues. Further we need to grow our union and show those in Tallahassee who wish to silence our voice that our collective voice demands to be heard.

E-dues features
  • Safe, secure bank-to-bank transfer with no fees!
  • utilizes Plaid, industry standard backend software, UFF/FEA will not store account info
  • Keep your pay cycle (19 or 26 wk)
Edues info Flyer