After months of preparation, United Faculty of Florida and FUSA are rolling out the eDues system for dues deduction. If you are a current FUSA member and have not yet signed up for eDues, please do so today! We need every member to convert to eDues to maintain the strength of our union and protect the rights and protections in our contract.

eDues information you can use!
  • FUSA FLASH emails — recent messages to your HCC email from FUSA President Sherry Sippel have important instructions on how to sign up for eDues. Start here first!
  • Visit our eDues page for more information, flyers, FAQs and a short video describing the eDues process.
  • Need help? Reach out to anyone on the FUSA’s eDues team: Jeremy Bullian, Kristin Heathcock, Elizabeth Key-Raimer, David Flanigan, John Hardin, Janet Sibol, April Muchmore-Vokoun
Not a member?

Join FUSA now if you are not a member! It is also integral that we grow our membership because politicians in Tallahassee are trying to dismantle Higher Education in Florida as we know it. The best defense against these attacks is a robust membership and strong collective voice letting them know we will fight for higher education, academic freedom, tenure and the hard won rights in our contract.

image for eDues system

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