FUSA will be discussing the eDues transition at a Town Hall meeting this Thursday, 3:30pm. Please join us to find out the background behind the transition and just how fast, easy, and secure it is to switch over. We hope to see you there! Check your HCC email for an invite and link from FUSA president Sherry Sippel.

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Action Alert

UFF President Andrew Gothard recently sent out a call to action on two companion bills (HB 999 / SB 266) that have great significance for higher education in Florida. While some of the extreme elements of the bills have been removed, to quote Gothard,

“Both bills will now come into alignment with deeply concerning language that still compels speech around the teaching of American history, bans funding for programs and groups (including student groups) that support critical race theory (CRT), mandates that the Board of Governors give instruction for the removal of CRT curriculum, limits the ability of accreditors to enforce rules around academic freedom and other issues, and mandates western-focused curriculum in general education courses. Of extreme concern is one new amendment that slipped into the bill language last week. SB 266 / HB 999 will ban grievance and arbitration proceedings for all faculty employment decisions, including termination, tenure and promotion, discipline, and more. This is a significant attack on our Florida constitutional right to collectively bargain, and it must be stopped in its tracks!

While HB 999 was heard in committee today, there is still a chance to to take action on SB 266.

  • With one click, tell all members of the Senate Fiscal Policy Committee to vote NO on SB 266: https://secure.ngpvan.com/Hf79mnMW30y35p85S-GEyw2
  • Email Sen. Erin Grall, sponsor of SB 266, here by selecting the “Email this Senator” button on the left side of the page. You can also call (850) 487-5029.

Your voice is integral to the fight to stop the extreme agenda trying to remake and dismantle over a century of higher education integrity and rights. It is important to note that each bill has to pass a floor vote in their respective chamber to become law so we still have the opportunity to stop one or both bills. Stay tuned for updates about these bills and others affecting educators in Florida.

In Solidarity!

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