Congratulations to the following faculty members and thank you for serving the faculty and the college. Your term officially begins August 1, 2020.

President: Elizabeth Key-Raimer
Vice-President: David Flanigan

Dale Mabry Council: Walt Ellis, Eric Fiske, Ken McCullough, Sharon Moran, Susan Pierce-Amaral, Janet Sibol, Sheryl Sippel, Rebecca Todd, John Whitlock

Ybor Council: Jeremy Bullian, Rick Gaspar, Judy Nolasco, Tom Tankersley

Brandon Council: Kristin Heathcock, Sami Kadamani, Janet Willman

Plant City Council: Charity Freeman, Teresa Galloway

SouthShore Council: Denise Bristol, Wendy Pogoda

UFF Senators: Jeremy Bullian, TaMetryce Collins, Charity Freeman, Teresa Galloway, John Hardin, Sami Kadamani, Theresa Lewis, Ken McCullough, Bryan Shuler, Rebecca Todd

FEA Delegates: Charlene Bell, Jeremy Bullian, Lorenzo Carswell, John Hardin, Tom Tankersley. Alternates: Eric Fiske, Theresa Lewis, Rebecca Todd

Remember, all faculty are welcome at FUSA meetings. Come and participate in your union!

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