HB 1197: “Employee Organizations” – This bill will remove the right to organize, form, and keep unions for many workers in Florida by requiring membership percentage minimums (50%), removing payroll deductions for union dues, and allowing for unreasonable challenges to union membership lists. This bill attacks all public employees except for public employee unions that represent police, fire and correctional officers.

In the middle of an economic and health crisis, 1 million Floridians could lose their voice and legal rights on the job, rights Floridians have had since 1974, written into the Florida constitution. Wages, benefits, and protections for educators, nurses, line workers, electricians, bus drivers, city, county, and state employees are under attack.

Andrew Gothard, President of the United Faculty of Florida stated, “In a democracy, laws must be heard in the open, and the people should have a say in their government. This last-minute attempt to ram through policy that will harm over a million unionized Floridians is a stain on the Sunshine State. From bus drivers to bricklayers, nurses to teachers, these people have sacrificed time and again to make Florida what it is today, and they deserve to be rewarded by our legislators, not punished.”

We are calling on all Floridians to protect our economy, our democracy, and the communities we rely on every day. Call your Senator and tell them to VOTE NO on HB 1197!

Taking action is easy! But please do not delay!


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