Dear colleagues,

We are approaching the final moments we have to try to defeat HB 835 and SB 1014, the bills that would deal the roughest blow to our union and to our labor brothers and sisters across the state. Earlier this week, HB835 passed its final committee, despite having a packed room and a very robust public comment where our members and other labor allies turned up to speak in opposition to the bill.


On Tuesday, 4/20, the Senate Rules Committee will hear the anti-freedom, anti-union bill SB 1014, in its final committee stop, and it has already been put on the special order calendar for 4/21 “if received” – this means they are anticipating passing the bill Tuesday and bringing it for a floor vote ASAP. Your Presence is needed NOW, more than ever!!

Here’s how you can get involved:


If you can bring your work with you and camp out in the legislature with us, we can get you a hotel room for Monday and Tuesday evening (4/19-4/20) and cover your mileage and expenses. You may not get to testify, but we NEED to pack the room and ensure our legislators know that educators and public employees across the state stand against this bill! If you are able to travel to Tallahassee Mon-Wed, please fill out this form so we can organize your hotel:


This is the primary list of legislative targets to contact to voice our opposition to this bill and urge them to vote NO – please call, email, and try to set up a meeting with them – they need to keep a record of every contact received, so it is time to ensure our voices are heard loud and clear:

Albritton- SD 26850-487-5026 
Bean- SD 4850-487-5004 
Bradley – SD 5850-487-5005 
Brandes- SD 24850-487-5024 
Brodeur- SD 9850-487-5009 
Burgess – SD20850-487-5020 
Gainer- SD 2850-487-5002 
Garcia -SD 37850-487-5037 
Grueters -SD 23850-487-5023 
Hooper- SD 16850-487-5016 
Hutson- SD 7850-487-5007 
Mayfield- SD 17850-487-5017 
Passidomo -SD 28850-487-5028 
Rodriguez- SD 39850-487-5039 

More ways to take action!

1.       Submit a testimony –

2.       Call your legislator –

3.       Share our flyer on social media (don’t forget to add links to your post!)

We need Tallahassee to hear our voices. The time to organize is now. The time to speak is now. Don’t delay any longer. Stand together and speak your truth today!

Additional Legislative Update Regarding two more bills important to UFF:

SB 220 – re: President Searches was not heard in Senate Rules. About a dozen UFF members waited for five hours to speak on it and against SB 1014, Sen. Baxley’s anti-freedom/anti-union bill, along with about 100 other union members, but it the clock ran out. It is on the agenda for Tuesday, so tune in at 9:00.

HB 7017 — the bill related to foreign influence naming “countries of concern” was heard at second reading today, April 13. The bill requires the Board of Governors and State Board of Education to provide guidelines for research and hiring of foreign-born researchers and restricts activity with any “countries of concern”. An amendment related to whistleblower rights was added and the bill was rolled onward to third reading and possible final passage.

HB 997-  by Rep. Garrison (R-Orange Park) is the bill exempting executive searches for college and university presidents from public records and public meetings until finalists are selected. The bill was heard on Second reading. Good Questions came from Democrat Representatives Guillermo-Smith, Diamond, Geller, Thompson, Hardy, and Eskamani. There was an amendment by Garrison which aligned it with the Senate bill (SB 220) and set a deadline when secrecy ends but does not even define how many finalists are allowed. Unfortunately, Representative Alexander (D-Tallahassee) supported the amendment and announced support for the Bill when it came to Third Reading, on April 14. Thanks to Reps. Geller and Guillermo-Smith for their debate against the bill.

Special thanks to UFF-FAU leaders for putting together this Op Ed!

In Solidarity,Karen Morian, UFF President
Jaffar Ali S Hameed. PhD, UFF First Vice President
Candi Churchill, UFF Executive Director

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