This year is a very busy year for anti-union bills in the FL Legislature. Next year is an election year so they are cramming a lot in this year. Some of them are “zombie” bills that show up each legislative session. Some are outright blatant in their attempt to undermine union power, collective bargaining, and the pension system in the state. We need all members to get involved. 

Note: our parent union, United Faculty of Florida (UFF), is an issue-based, not party-affiliated union. They will work with both sides of the aisle to protect education interests and union interests in FL. Likewise, our legislators need to hear from union members regardless of their party affiliation (or no affiliation).

UFF has provided a 5 page PDF on the various anti-union legislation going through committees and coming to the floor. It is looking very bad for a number of them. Please review the PDF for details:

Here is a step-by-step PDF on how you can get involved by tracking bills and contacting your legislators:

More helpful information from UFF

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