The Governor’s State of The State address

Currently these are the bills affecting higher education:

HB613/SB1402 – the general Higher Education bill.  The House version contains a clause requiring a survey about “academic freedom” on campus.  The Senate version does not.   There are some good things in this bill, and we hope that the Senate version can prevail.

HB6001 – Guns on Campus.  This is not yet agended in the House, and there is no companion bill in the Senate.   Hopefully, it will go away.

HB819/SB120 – Fee relief for graduate students.   We support this, as GAs regularly pay 20-30% of their stipends in fees.   They should not have to pay to work.   These fees inhibit our ability to invite the best and brightest, as, often, we cannot compete with stipends from other institutions.  Hopefully, these will be heard in committee.

Sign up for tracking to monitor developments and contact your representatives regarding these bills.

House Bill tracking
Senate Bill tracking

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