United Faculty of Florida believes in supporting pro-public education, pro-public employee candidates up and down the ballot. Pro-Education leadership in our state would have an immediate impact on all campuses across Florida, with a change in the Board of Governors and appointed Board of Trustees of our colleges and universities.

Prioritizing pro-education candidates in all down ballot races will aid in changing the face of the Florida Legislature, which has dealt some hard hits to our education system in FL, both higher ed and K-12.

Things you can do & share with your classes

Information for you and your friends and family

Things FUSA is doing

  • Providing a conduit of communication between UFF & local members
  • Communicating voting & election information to members
  • Reaching out to membership to correct registration issues
  • Organizing local GOTV activities

If you have any questions, or would like to know how to get involved, feel free to Contact Us.