Get Out the Vote! Volunteer for FEA Days of Action

From Andrew Spar, President of the Florida Education Association (FEA):

We need your help. We need members who have some time to volunteer for one of our days of action in which we will call friendly union members to remind them to vote. This is all done virtually, so members can call from the comfort of their own home. All anyone has to do is sign up and we will contact them.

Click here to sign up:

For more information on the FEA, NEA or AFT days of action, visit:

Election 2020: Urgent call for your involvement

It goes without saying that the 2020 election is critical for not just the nation but for Florida and for education. To quote Becky Pringle, President of the National Education Association (NEA), speaking at the United Faculty of Florida (UFF) virtual Senate meeting this week:

“We need a new president. We need a new president. And elections run through Florida. I need you to step up in this moment and be the strong voices that you are. Social Justice is on the ballot.” And with regard to education, “All that Betsy DeVos has done to education is on the ballot…I have talked to Biden and Harris both. They are committed to our public schools and higher education…I’m asking you to show up in this election and to bring people with you. We can not have four more years of Betsy DeVos. Our students are depending on us to be worthy of them and I know that we are.”

In addition to voting for candidates that support public and higher education, UFF urgently needs funding to continue the fight by lobbying and supporting Florida politicians that support our educational interests. The recent primary season really drained the UFF-PAC fund. UFF is asking for your contributions. Here is how you can contribute:

Read more information on the UFF-PAC and how your contributions are put into action!

Mark your calendars

Make sure to attend the next FUSA meetings during Fall term:

Sept. 25 – 9am
Oct. 23 – 9am

The meetings will be held online via Zoom. Meeting links will be set out prior to the meeting.

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FUSA meeting 8/28 9am

FUSA Council will hold the August monthly meeting on Friday, August 28th, via Zoom at 9:00 a.m.  Guests are invited to attend. Please check you email inbox for the invitation.

We’ll “see” you there.