FUSA election results for 2020-21

Congratulations to the following faculty members and thank you for serving the faculty and the college. Your term officially begins August 1, 2020.

President: Elizabeth Key-Raimer
Vice-President: David Flanigan

Dale Mabry Council: Walt Ellis, Eric Fiske, Ken McCullough, Sharon Moran, Susan Pierce-Amaral, Janet Sibol, Sheryl Sippel, Rebecca Todd, John Whitlock

Ybor Council: Jeremy Bullian, Rick Gaspar, Judy Nolasco, Tom Tankersley

Brandon Council: Kristin Heathcock, Sami Kadamani, Janet Willman

Plant City Council: Charity Freeman, Teresa Galloway

SouthShore Council: Denise Bristol, Wendy Pogoda

UFF Senators: Jeremy Bullian, TaMetryce Collins, Charity Freeman, Teresa Galloway, John Hardin, Sami Kadamani, Theresa Lewis, Ken McCullough, Bryan Shuler, Rebecca Todd

FEA Delegates: Charlene Bell, Jeremy Bullian, Lorenzo Carswell, John Hardin, Tom Tankersley. Alternates: Eric Fiske, Theresa Lewis, Rebecca Todd

Remember, all faculty are welcome at FUSA meetings. Come and participate in your union!

Legislative action needed!

Update from UFF:

HR 1 will be heard by House State Affairs Committee tomorrow morning at 8am tomorrow (Feb 13) in Morris Hall (17HOB) This bill would prohibit automatic renewal of union memberships and require members to refile paperwork every year.   This is union-busting pure and simple.   Please do what you can to call/email or otherwise communicate with legislators to make your view known.  We are joined in opposition by our Union brothers and sisters in all areas from State Employees to Pipefitters to First Responders.  Email can be reached through each member’s webpage:

Legislative updates from UFF

The Governor’s State of The State address

Currently these are the bills affecting higher education:

HB613/SB1402 – the general Higher Education bill.  The House version contains a clause requiring a survey about “academic freedom” on campus.  The Senate version does not.   There are some good things in this bill, and we hope that the Senate version can prevail.

HB6001 – Guns on Campus.  This is not yet agended in the House, and there is no companion bill in the Senate.   Hopefully, it will go away.

HB819/SB120 – Fee relief for graduate students.   We support this, as GAs regularly pay 20-30% of their stipends in fees.   They should not have to pay to work.   These fees inhibit our ability to invite the best and brightest, as, often, we cannot compete with stipends from other institutions.  Hopefully, these will be heard in committee.

Sign up for tracking to monitor developments and contact your representatives regarding these bills.

House Bill tracking
Senate Bill tracking

NEA Advocate: Salary Issue 2019

Unions matter! Don’t take our word for it, look at the data: NEA_Salary Isssue19

“THE UNION DIFFERENCE: Faculty at public institutions with bargaining agreements earned about $7,800 more than those teaching at institutions without contracts (Table 4). The largest advantage was seen in community colleges, where faculty with collective bargaining agreements earned nearly $19,000 more than their colleagues who teach without a union contract in the same states.”

We appreciate your support and membership in FUSA. Without it, it is clear faculty at HCC would not have made the gains in salary and favorable working conditions that we enjoy today.

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