Confidence Vote

The results of the faculty Vote of Confidence in Dr. Atwater, HCC’s President, are in.  The tally is:

I have CONFIDENCE in Dr. Atwater as HCC President:  10 (5%)

I have NO CONFIDENCE in Dr. Atwater as HCC President:  209 (95%)

From FUSA President, Sherry Sippel: “On behalf of the FUSA Council, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the vote and made their voice heard.  It was a great turnout! Our next step will be to notify the Board of Trustees with the rationale for the vote and the results.  We will keep everyone posted of our next actions.”

Take action on HB 999!

If you haven’t seen a message from UFF President Andrew Gothard in your personal email, there is a call to action regarding HB 999, an ominous attack on Higher Education in Florida. More information can be found in the email but some action items are included here:

We need you to take action to stop this bill! As higher education professionals, we are the experts on how this bill will harm Florida’s students, economy, and communities. The legislature needs to hear from us immediately!

Here are 2 quick steps you can take right now to make sure that our voices are heard in the legislature:

  1. Email the House Committee members using this convenient contact tool:
  2. Let your local legislator know how you feel about this bill:

Here is a Tampa Bay Times article discussing an earlier version of the bill: Florida Bill would end diversity programs, ban majors and shift power at universities

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