Read the FUSA President’s update on the recent Nov. 4 bargaining session:

Dear Colleagues,

On November 4, the FUSA bargaining team met with the Administration to hear their counter-proposal to economics.  

Recall that at the July 15, 2022 bargaining session:

  1. The Administration rejected all of FUSA’s previous proposals for Article 14.2, and offered only a step for 2022-2023 (with a permanent loss of the 2021-2022 step), no pay range increases, $0 increase to overload, and reopeners for 2023 and 2024.
  2. FUSA offered the attached counter proposal for Article 14.2.A/B that would return the lost 2021-2022 step and increase the pay ranges over a 3 year contract, which the Administration rejected. 

After FUSA filed for impasse, the Administration said they wanted to conduct a salary study before considering any pay range increases.   FUSA responded that they welcomed a salary study but the Administration would need to present another economics proposal.  

On Friday, the Administration presented their counter proposal.  It was the same offer they made previously of a single step increase and a salary study, with the only change being the addition of a $1 per point increase to overload.

It is apparent that Dr. Atwater does not intend to move from his June 2022 budget of only a 1-step increase to faculty and no pay range increases.  The FUSA bargaining team rejected the Administration’s offer and we remain at impasse.   The impasse hearing is set for January 11, 2023.

Again, FUSA did urge the Administration to begin the salary study while the impasse hearing is pending.  The Administration stated they would not move forward with the salary study unless FUSA dropped the impasse.   

Thanks to all the faculty who came Friday to show their support.  The FUSA bargaining team will keep everyone posted with any updates.


Sheryl Sippel
Professor of Math
FUSA President

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