Whew. We are just about at the halfway point of the legislative session. It has been exhausting so far but our advocacy is having an effect!

The final vote on SB 520, the “Secrecy in College and University Presidential Searches” bill was supposed to happen last week, but that vote was been delayed until Thursday morning 2/10. Your advocacy caused this delay!

Now, we need to capitalize on this energy and keep up the pressure on our allies in the Senate Democratic Caucus by continuing to urge them to vote NO on SB 520.

It is time for all UFF members to flood the offices of all Senate Democrats with calls, emails, and social media posts asking them to vote NO on SB 520! We need to do this before Thursday morning vote on 2/10!

Click these links to find contact informationmessage templates, and talking points.

And for more information, please see the linked newsletter for this week’s UFF update on the 2022 Florida Legislative session.


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