Image result for under construction memeFUSA has representation on the following college committees (2017-2018):

  • Academic Affairs:
    Wendy Pogoda (SS), Denise Bristol (SS alt), Robert Yáñez (DM alt)
  • Academic Standards
  • All College Day
  • Calendar Committee:
    Sherry Sippel
  • Diversity Council:
    Alex Ambrioso
  • Faculty Credentials Committee
  • Fall In-Service
  • Faculty Instructional Technology Committee (FITC)
    Rich Senker (Chair), Kristin Heathcock, Laurie Saylor, Jeremy Bullian

    • FITC – Distance Learning Sub-Committee
  • First Encounter Faculty
    Becky Todd (Chair)
  • General Education
    Susan Pierce
  • General Education Assessment Committee:
    Kristin Heathcock (Chair), Becky Todd, Travis Meek
  • Global Education
  • Graduation
  • Honors Institute
    Alex Ambrioso
  • IAC – Institutional Advisory Council
    Wendy Pagoda
  • Insurance
    Denise Bristol
  • Professional Development
  • Professional Rank
    Rick Gaspar, Robert Yáñez, Jeremy Bullian
  • QEP Committee
    Steve Lambert (Chair), Jeremy Bullian
  • Sabbatical Leave
  • Student Activity / Service Fee Budget Committee
  • Spring In-Service
  • Student Success & Retention
    Becky Todd, Robert Yáñez, Timothy Griffin, Steve Lambert
  • Sustainability Council (2nd Friday of the month)
    Denise Bristol, Jeremy Bullian
  • Tenure
    • College – Wendy Pogoda, Kristin Heathcock, Timothy Griffin, Travis Meek, David Flanigan
    • Campus (indicate campus)
  • Textbook Affordability Taskforce
    Timothy Griffin, Jeremy Bullian, John Whitlock